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Welcome to Love Just Is!

I am a Light Worker and Light Warrior. My life purpose is to help all of humanity to raise their consciousness level to a higher dimensional state of being. My main focus of doing this is by teaching Self-Love.

I am a Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, Akashic Records Healer, Spiritual Mentor and published author. For the last 14 years I have studied all avenues of Self-Help concepts, Healing modalities, Ascension, Quantum theories and Law of Vibration.

This website contains enough information to absolutely CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Please visits the resources tab for scientific proof that our thoughts and beliefs both play the primary role in our happiness. My blogs all contain information that will help you see how self-love is the key to making positive changes and living your life authentically.


All of this information will empower you to learn and gain a happy peaceful life!

Internationally Proclaimed Award-Winning Book
Voted Finalist in Self-Help category by the
2020 Next Generation Indie Book Award Program

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What makes my teachings unique is that I show you how to become your own power house by using your spiritual beliefs coupled with proven quantum research.  No longer do we separate science and religion because I show you how they are explicitly linked!  
Click on Resources to show siginifcant studies.


I provide several modalities of healing and mentorship. Please explore which option is best for you!

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