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Get serious about changing your life!  

Services that will heal and help you to connect to the higher realms.  


My services are a great passion and given to provide the most healing experiences both physically and emotionally.  Everything I teach and do are based in the context of cultivating self-love.  These services are given with love from our source creator and provided in concepts of energy and frequency. Tapping into the frequency of love will ALWAYS heal.

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I respond same day!

Reiki Healing, Shamanic Healing
Angel Readings
Distant Reiki Healing


Distant Healings are 35 minute sessions that are done by channeling source Reiki energy through my hands and into your body.  You receive this healing through a distant channel.


What is Reiki Healing?


Reiki is healing energy from a Divine Source that is channeled through my hands into your body. Reiki is not linked to a particular belief and is for everyone. The healing benefits are physical or emotional and truly unlimited!


I like to feel a strong connection with you during a session so by setting up a time together and perhaps being able to see a profile picture of yourself is greatly helpful but not necessary.

Each session is $50.00


Oracle Readings


Oracle Readings are a fabulous way to connect with your angels or any higher dimensional being!  We all have at least three angels that travel with us 24/7 to help guide us toward our soul purpose. But most of us cannot see or hear our angels, and when our mind is busy all the time we miss the signals.


Oracle Readings are performed by first asking your angels and higher self to give a most accurate reading for the highest good and purpose to yourself and others. We then ask the angels to reveal what it is we want to know. Then one or more angel cards are divinely picked to reveal their guidance to you!

One card reading is $20.00

Three card reading is $30.00


Testimonial - Distant Reiki

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for all you have done for my times when there is nothing we can do, you have saved her. TRULY! I know in my heart that she wouldn't be where she is without your help....this journey has taken a physical toll for sure, but nothing in comparison to what it has done mentally--to all of us, but most especially her. There is a ton of research that shows people who do things to remain mentally strong and take care of themselves spiritually respond better to treatment and have a better chance at long term survival. I never would have imagined how true this was until watching my mom...there are no earthly words or actions I can say/do to fully express my gratitude. You have given my mom what she needs...and you have given us our keep. ❤️❤️❤️  Danielle Sissell

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Akashic Records Healer

The Akashic records are an etheric record of all the thoughts and actions of every being in the Galaxy.

By accessing the records these are your healing options:

 1) Heal the past and even re-write your history! 

2) Transmute Karma

3) Cord Cutting

4) Soul Contract Clearing

5) Clear dark forces such as curses, spells, black magic and reconnect to your God-Self.

Contact me for options and pricing.


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is bringing in the elementsf Gaia (our mother Earth) for a powerful healing sessions.


Ancestorial Healing

Soul Retrieval

Physical and Emotional Healing

Contact me for options and pricing.




Crystal Grids!

Allow me to create a Crystal Grid for you!
Give me your intention and I will create a special Crystal Grid that will work with your energy and help you manifest anything.
I will carefully select the right crystals for your intention, create the grid and keep it charged for two weeks!
Contact me for an intention and pricing.

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Click the link below to contact me.

I respond same day!

I'm here to help you and mentor you in your journey to Self-Love and the ascension process. One on One sessions are available!

Contact me for options and pricing.


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