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Heart-Brain Research

Many of my studies and information comes from The Institute of Heartmath.  This is vital new research that shows the heart actually emits a much stronger electromagnetic frequency than the brain.  This new research explains many aspects of spiritually that I teach.


Creator's Love  

There are many studies that support the fact that we are truly love at the soul level. It has been proven and shown that babies need love and loving touch to develop. They may have their physical needs met but it is proven that "love" is essential. This astounding fact explains how at birth, when we have no "thoughts", it is only love. Emotions less than love are learned. 

Check out these websites to see how important love and touch is at the level of an infant.


Belief changes DNA

Profound studies from Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton, shows us that the genetic make-up of our genes is NOT destined by our genetic history. Take a look at Bruce Lipton's website and learn about Epigenetics! This new science shows us how our environment, thoughts and perception are what impact us at the DNA level. This is the science behind getting your life back. Please visit Mr. Lipton's website and be wowed by all this information!

Cellular Health

A study by Dr. Masaru Emoto shows us that water can be manipulated by thought!  Thoughts of love projected into water show beautiful crystals while negative thoughts show deformity.  This study is the significant proof that tells us how love based thoughts heal while hate based thoughts can harm us.  Our body is 75% water!  You must see this and research this for yourself! 

Chakras - Energy Circles

We all have seven swirling energy vortexes starting at the base of our spine to the top of our head called Chakras. The Chakras are how we send out energy and receive energy.  They work like a camera by opening and closing all the time.  This is another aspect of energy and spiritually that I represent and teach.

Click the Chakra button to learn more!

When you learn to love yourself you naturally want to treat your body with love too! Our thoughts are the first line of strategy when starting to take care of our body.  The diet, exercise and what we put on our body is 2nd in line of action. My email subscription will help you on this journey to making sure you love yourself and your body too! 

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Treat your Body with Love
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