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A Dynamic New Program that is Changing Lives!

Seven years of study and research has brought to you this one-of-a-kind all inclusive program to help you change old beliefs and find your authentic self.

The most widely used and proven concepts are taught from the ground up along with new studies and research to bring you this powerful program. There is no need to buy several books, take several online classes or engage with years of study. Energy of Love gives you it all in this easy to read and understand program.

Energy of Love teaches the science and spiritual aspects of Self-Love. Very seldom will you see both Science and Spirituality in the same book. Both aspects are pulled together so that you can clearly see how LOVE is innately a part of your make-up, your being, and your eternal self.

Internationally Proclaimed in the 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Award Program.

Voted Finalist in the Self-Help Category

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Writer's Digest Self-Published Ebook Awards

Judge Commentary: The information, tips and lessons she provides are well-thought out. Anyone who follows the advice in this work should come away feeling better about their life and spirituality.

What's included in this program?

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Quantum mechanics tells us that everything is energy. The first step to changing your life is to understand this concept and how to use it. What’s most exciting and unique about Energy of Love is that it teaches how LOVE is the frequency to live by for true peace and harmony by giving you the studies and proof! This is not just lovey dove mushy talk. It’s profound and insightful knowledge.

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Have you ever told yourself that I will just start thinking more positive and my life will change? Have you tried to break the negative thought patterns to find them just coming back again and again? Learn all about engaging neuroplasticity and how this is the key to changing your thought patterns.  These are worthy facts not found or taught in common self-help programs.

Dive right into self-discovery with an eye-opening exercise that takes you deep into your daily thoughts. This discovery gives you insight to the signature frequency you are emitting out and as a result has become your reality. This valuable information is used throughout the program to show you what and how change can take place for you. Now you are armed with a personalized how-to program.

Why is Self-Love so important? Every chapter hits on the profoundness of how Self-Love is already part of your existence. Understand how the way you love yourself affects everything you do and your own beliefs. Energy of Love takes you back to the deep-rooted eternal level of love so you have the self-empowerment to know what it best and what is right for you.

Meditation and Affirmations are taught from the ground up with several examples that will fit perfectly into your own signature program. Gain valuable information and knowledge about how extreme these two methods are in changing thought patterns, and why it's the only effective way to remove unwanted thoughts.


Whether you realize it or not, your Past is a great part of your Future. Energy of Love gives you an all new how-to strategy for releasing past trauma and forgiving yourself and others. This step by step, easy to follow process will change the way you feel towards the past and subsequently create a new-found future. Once you can release the buried and hurtful feelings, only then can you move on to a life of Self-Love.


Secure Your Success with the Daily Program

All of the information given in Energy of Love leads to an easy to follow daily program that will fit into any busy life style. One step in front of the other as you begin a new life. After just a week into this program you will begin to see changes in your perspective and gain the empowerment to start making positive changes.

What makes Energy of Love unique?

There is no other self-help book that includes this much information and teaches it as if you have never heard the concepts. 

Written in plain English so that anyone can understand. No fancy scientific words or doctor lingo unless it is explained, and no using acronyms that will keep you guessing.

Exquisitely written so that each chapter builds onto the next. As you build your understanding and knowledge, you also build the power to make positive changes with everlasting affects.


Learn the significance and power of how to change your life step by step. Each chapter is packed with eye-opening and life changing information. Take this program slow. Read each chapter and take a break to think about what you have learned, and how it makes you feel about your life. Consume, digest and even re-read each chapter before going on to the next.

Energy of Love gives you a daily program that you create based on your own beliefs that can fit into any busy lifestyle. No excuses here because this program integrates beautifully into your very own lifestyle. Any religion can be integrated into this program!

What is the cost of this life changing program?

You don't have to spend HUNDREDS on this inclusive program.
  • Have it TODAY for only $9.99 E-book or Nook.
  • Hard Cover option will keep forever for only $32.95 
  • The popular Paperback option is only $18.95
This makes a great life-changing gift for those needing change in their life!
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How is Energy of Love changing lives?


"I need to start by saying I am a natural skeptic. Even though I started the book as somewhat of a cynic, I absolutely found Susan Witt’s Energy of Love to be a transformative read for me. I think it is completely accessible for people like me. I have always been spiritual and view myself as a Christian, but have struggled with sadness and forgiveness. I have suffered a couple of big traumas in my life which have caused me anxiety during the day and frequent nightmares. By following Energy of Love’s steps in the chapters on forgiveness, I have been able to experience much more joy than anxiety in my daily life and the nightmares have all but disappeared! In fact, I now often dream of happy exchanges with those who have wronged me. I use the affirmations system in my daily life, too. I did not expect to experience such transformation just by reading this book and trying its strategies, but I am extremely grateful."   Suzanne Teesdale Hufford

"I've learned a great deal about self-love and forgiveness reading Energy of Love, by Susan J Witt. In personal life forgiveness is sometimes very difficult. However after reading and applying the concepts outlined in this book, I've overcome issues by releasing negative energy, and have achieved harmony within myself and others around me. Excellent book!"   Kurt L

"Energy of Love has been the best book I've read to help with my inner self. The powerful knowledge of the science of love energy finally helped put everything together for me. It has been a wonderful inspiration. Using the daily program has shown me how to connect with my spiritual side and build self-love which in turn shines out to others around me."  Sonja M.

"Energy of Love is an amazing book that will help the reader to truly gain self-love. The book will take you on a journey that will change your life forever. After reading Energy of Love and following the steps provided by the author, I now know that I have the power within myself to be more powerful and self loving."  Ronda M.



Testimonials from Amazon - All 5 Star Reviews

"This book boosted my self-esteem. It inspired me to be a better person. I bought an extra copy to give to my friend that suffers from severe depression. I hope it helps her too! I highly recommend this book!"   Chris

"A very powerful read. Thank you for taking the time to write. Very Inspiring"  Mark Ricker

"If you are ready to make a change in your life, Energy of Love is the book for you. The author Susan J Witt provides you the information in great detail on the process to make this change. It's a must read!"  Jim

"If someone had asked me a year ago if I believed in this type of insight, I would have said "no way". Fast forward to today, and listen to me, this book and the teachings offered have pulled me from a very dark place. Thank you Susan for opening my eyes, heart and mind to loving me. That's where it starts!"  Anonymous - Amazon Customer


"Wow, what an eye opener." Leann Schoenlien

"Well written and powerful book."  Anonymous - Kindle Customer

"I loved this book. It has made a huge difference in my life. I feel so much more confident that my future will be brighter with the new me!"  Timothy

"Energy of Love is a very good read that offers lots of tools and ways to work on self-love. The author writes in a very easy to understand manner! I highly recommend this book!!" Julie

About the Author


Energy of Love was created after years in a frenzy of learning self-help concepts. I was truly addicted to learning everything about self improvement so that I could finally achieve true happiness.

In 2014 I received a message directly from our Divine Creator that actually struck me quite suddenly that SELF-LOVE was the absolute key to true happiness. After receiving this message it was a sudden revelation of connecting the dots of what I learned over the years was really Self-Love. This message resonated as "final", and I knew at that moment this had to be told, and I knew I needed to help people really understand the importance of Self-Love. So I took all the years of study and created this how-to program of self-empowerment and self-love.

After completing my book in 2015 and waiting to hear back from perspective publishing companies, I continued to get a flood of information that I felt needed to be in Energy of Love. During the process of trying to publish, I added and changed Energy of Love twice. After the final manuscript was completed in May of 2017 I had no doubts it was perfect. On June 8th 2017, I signed on with Christian Faith Publishing, and to this day I still think it's perfect and I wouldn't add or change a thing!

I designed the cover to depict the frequency of Love with a more scientific background. The inside is beautifully designed with colored scroll work to give the feeling of love and flow. Each chapter title also includes a sub-title of the Energy Frequency being transmitted in that particular chapter.

To learn more about my story click the link below for the full Bio!

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