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This is my story and dedication to teach Self-Love.
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In the spring of 2014, it was as if I was suddenly hit upside the head with a huge realization! It’s strange, because I didn’t feel that I was searching for anything, but it was as if part of me deep inside said “I get it.” You see, for about four years prior, I was consumed in reading and learning about what makes people happy. If I knew then what I know now, I would have kept a log of all of the books, videos and websites that led me to what I know and who I am now. My adventure that started all those years ago, though, wasn’t really meant to be an adventure at all.


Years ago, like a lot of middle-aged adults, I was trying to find myself again after raising a family. Who was I? The kids didn’t need me anymore. I didn’t have many friends or hobbies, because my life was devoted to raising my kids and spending time with them. How was I going to fill my time when I didn’t even know myself? After a few years of wallowing in these thoughts, I started to sink into a bit of depression. As my life spiraled downward, it took me to the brink of almost losing my husband. I felt that I had nothing and life was meaningless. 


The journey started in 2010, when my husband introduced me to the program titled A Philosopher’s Notes by Brian Johnson. This subscription provided me with notes and tidbits of inspirational messages that helped give me some self-empowerment. These notes focused on the way your thoughts and perspectives impact how you live and your happiness. This was truly my first exposure to taking control of my life by changing my own perspective. I dove into reading a variety of self-help materials, from information about the Law of Attraction to studies on Reiki healing. In my search for happiness, this information seems to consume me. I devoured books, videos and CD’s. I attended meditation classes, yoga classes and Reiki classes. I spent about twenty hours a week on this frenzied exploration! At this time in my life I honestly didn’t know I was searching, because to me it felt like I was just consumed by all the material I was learning. After years of this research, I didn’t really know where in the hell I was going with all this information! All the passion created from learning new concepts about life seemed to snap me out of depression, but I still didn’t feel happy and fulfilled. It was almost like an addiction that I couldn’t give up.


I eventually started to turn to the Internet to read what others knew and what they learned. I subscribed to all sorts of email lists from so many sources. I read for an average of two hours a day and sometimes more on weekends. I found that the personal experiences and firsthand resources were very valuable to me! I learned that people like you and me know things too! You don’t need a master’s degree or letters behind your name to have great knowledge. To me, the greatest learning occurs when you can begin to see patterns forming out of the information you are consuming. Many books and people tell their story in different ways, but when you start to see similarities and discover patterns it gets very interesting. To me it’s this common denominator that gives us huge insight and tells us to stand up and take notice.


Now we are at the spring of 2014, when I was sitting at the computer and reading more of the material from my subscriptions and lists. As sure as I am alive, it felt like this swoosh of knowledge was given to me! All my studies of the past five years had one common theme. Going back to the very start of my depression, and throughout all this knowledge that I obtained, was a message indirectly saying love yourself! My revelation was that if I truly loved myself, I would automatically be doing the things taught in all the self-help materials I was studying. The love within would naturally put me at higher frequencies of love, joy, peace and harmony. I would naturally be in harmony with self-love. Not only was this revelation a feeling of “I get it,” but it also resonated as final to me. I felt so complete in my knowledge that anything I read moving forward would only enhance what I already knew. In all my life, I have never felt so excited or passionate about anything, and I knew it was something I had to share with others. This was when I realized that indeed I had been, unknowingly, engaged in a search all along. The sudden jolt of truly feeling, “I get it,” and then having it resonate as final, was the key to knowing I was searching and not just learning.


My story of the past years isn’t dramatic, and I wasn’t driven from a near-death experience or anything extreme. My studies are significant, however, and the knowledge I’ve obtained is great enough that it can help people of all ages understand the value of loving yourself. I have a great passion to share explicitly with my readers that self-love is how we are meant to live! By living a life of cultivating self-love, I discovered that I can obtain pure health and feel harmony within my being, and you can also achieve this. This information can help us to understand self-love whether or not we already have a spiritual or religious base. I believe that life will always give you challenges, and this can be used for years through all kinds of situations to keep you on track. When the power of self-love blooms, you will find new perspectives, newfound health, infinite possibilities and limitless growth to new heights of expansion in your life!


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