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SELF-LOVE Being comfortable with your beliefs

The beliefs you hold are a significant part of loving yourself, and in fact I feel it is one of the most important aspects to cultivating unconditional self-love into your life. We MUST have comfort and feel at peace with the things in life that we believe are true. This means in religion and in your spirituality too. Your faith system and other beliefs that you hold are your foundation and your truth. It is the roots that hold us up strong!

It may be hard to believe but the majority of us have beliefs that are not true and do not give us any kind of comfort or peace. These are the beliefs that are vital to acknowledge and must be changed in order to gain true harmony and self-love. Any belief that is not of your highest good and purpose is not coming from your true self at the soul level. These are beliefs that developed outside of yourself. It is my opinion most of our beliefs come from the way you were raised or through experiences. I also believe that for the majority, more than half of what you believe is not serving you. Meaning that it does not make you feel good, and it doesn't give you any form of peace. This may seem like a bold statement but if you took a minute and listened to your own self talk, how much of it would you say is for your higher good and brings you peace?

Beliefs that are your truth come from within at the soul level are always love based. The person you are at the soul level is YOU at the point of creation. When you were created it was with pure love because our creator is only pure love. Doesn't this make sense? When we experience anything of comfort or love we are closest to God. When we feel love or give love we are experiencing our true self at the soul level. AND, when we love our self, we are living as it was intended, in love and for love.

So "life" gets in our way and we move away from our true self. It is now within your power to listen to the self-talk and start assessing what needs to be changed. What is it that you believe and keep telling yourself that doesn't make you feel good? By acknowledging this, you've just taken the first step to loving yourself. Yeah! But now what do you do with this information and how do you turn it into something that will serve you?

There are many paths to create change in your life and no one simple solution. We have so much more information now than ever to create positive changes. I wish I could give it to you in this one simple blog, but it wouldn't be fair because it wouldn't be complete. There needs to be understanding behind teaching, and I'm big on getting you to know the "why" behind the "how".

On my website, I listed what I believe to be the most significant research in my years of study in the "Resources" tab. This supports a lot of "why" we should love our self presented in both a scientific and spiritual way. I hope that you visit this tab and not only read what I presented but explore the websites that are given. It is when you do your own research that builds the power of change.

Each week I will give you a blog that teaches cultivating self-love and changing the way you believe to something that is self-serving. By signing up for my email subscription you will get this information delivered right to you! This subscription is totally free and it will also inform you of any new services, webinars or courses that I have coming in the future.

For now, pay attention to your thoughts and try to pin point what belief you have that is not of your highest good. Perhaps create a journal of your thoughts and see the common patterns of negativity. Always keep in mind that as you do this you are indeed taking steps to loving yourself!

Blessings of peace and may these words help create love in your heart.

Susan Witt – Love Just Is



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