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Levels of Consciousness - Multidimensional Realities

Have you ever heard that we live in a 3rd Dimensional reality? Or have you heard talk of a 5th Dimensional reality and not understood what this means? Over the last few years it has become common for the spiritual community to talk in terms of living in a multidimensional reality, and this is also referred to as levels of consciousness. Let me help you understand this, and you will see that it really is a very easy concept to grasp and understand.

As a spiritual guru and lightworker, I am always focused on raising my level of thinking to be in the emotions of love or above. This is any emotion that is love based. Emotions have frequency levels and the better feeling emotion has a higher frequency. A great resource for this is the David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness. One would think that love is the highest in frequency, but joy, bliss, and peace radiate at a higher level than love. So, when I say love or above, this is what I mean. Any emotions less than love are lower in frequency like, anger, hate, shame and guilt. The lowest frequency of consciousness is shame.

Once you understand that there are levels of consciousness, then it is easy to understand multidimensional reality. As we move throughout our day, we are in a flux of emotions. When we are in a state of higher emotions, then we move into a higher dimension of reality. Think of dimensions as states of consciousness. There is another common term being tossed around called “collective consciousness” and this is simply humans as a whole, and the level of consciousness or frequency that the group is radiating.

It has been stated for years that the collective consciousness in the world is that of 3rd Dimensional Reality, and since the planetary alignment on December 21st, 2012, we have been moving progressively into the 5th Dimensional Reality. There was a huge energetic shift that took place on December 21st, 2012, and I encourage you to google this date so that you can understand and read about this momentous day in our history. However, let me give you a good explanation of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Dimensions so you will understand and even perhaps completely get how this is happening and changing right now in our life time.

3rd Dimensional Realty is best stated as “Duality”. This means separation and thinking (having the conscious awareness) that everything is separate. Every judgement we have indicates that there is separation. You and I, us and them, right and wrong. Along with separation, the 3rd Dimension is full of our conscious awareness resisting everything. We are filled with lack and every prayer we make is mostly asking for what we don’t have in our lives. The energy of the 3rd Dimension is very dense and heavy. This dimension is also filled with our ego and our mind has overcome any true heartfelt emotion because it’s the rational thing to do. The 3rd Dimension is also ruled by fear. This is the rational part of our mind telling us over and again that you need to follow and join in with the common social theme whether it be at home, school, work or church.

4th Dimensional Reality is breaking the mold of density and moving into the heart. Status quo doesn’t FEEL good anymore and in general we are starting to think outside the box! Feeling self-love and gratitude starts to take over our emotions. We don’t want to conform anymore because feeling authentic is the right thing to do. The 4th Dimension is painful because we are amongst great inner change. We recognize our inner demons and work on healing from the inside. Chaos is prevalent because we now have a voice and demand that we move into more compassion and love for all. We begin to see that we are not separate but more alike than different. The 4th Dimension is living in a state of self-awareness and clearing away negativity, while we begin to see the love and joy in everyone and everything.

5th Dimensional Reality is simply put as Unconditional Love. The is the end of suffering, fear and the ego. The energy of this dimension is a very high frequency of love. There are no judgments and only recognition of oneness. We live in self-love and unconditional love for others. Our goals are to serve and help others, and having compassion for all living things. Our mind is in complete alignment with our heart center (or soul). We are love at the soul level, (the level of creation) and the 5th Dimension is living the way that our creator meant for us to live. Living in complete alignment (mind, body and soul) with love changes our physical body so that it is radiating at a very high light frequency. This high level of light frequency triggers and activates all twelve strands of our DNA.

Can you see now and understand how the levels of consciousness are different dimensions? There is also a higher 3rd Dimension, lower 4th Dimension, higher 4th Dimension and a lower 5th Dimension. Do you understand now why our world is in such chaos? It’s because we have shifted the collective consciousness from the 3rd Dimension into the 4th Dimension. The people of this world no longer want to conform, but instead have a voice! You may look at the world and say “what a mess”, but it’s the shift from a lower density to higher levels of consciousness. We will continue to have chaos and healing until we stop judging and as a group get out of the concepts of right, wrong, you, me and them. As a collective, we are waking up to new truths!

One would say that this world is chaotic and everything is falling apart. It is at a disarray, but things do need to fall apart so that we can build a new! Remember that you do have a voice of love and compassion. You can be authentic and live in the frequencies of love and above. It’s time to stop the judging and think of everyone as a unique expression of God. Honor their beliefs if it is working for them. As a spiritual guru and lightworker, my goal is to continue to raise my frequency and to continue to send love and light. The higher levels of frequency DO affect many whether they realize it or not. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals on this planet evolving into higher states of consciousness, living in higher dimensional realities, and some are in a 5th Dimensional reality. Your energy of love and above is extremely powerful! It may seem like it’s not so, but we ARE moving this planet to higher levels of consciousness and eventually we will get to a collective consciousness into the 5th Dimension!

Susan J Witt – Love Just Is

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