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Detachment - The Way to Enlightenment

For many years, people have been driven to search for the answers to true happiness and harmony. Since December 21, 2012, according to many in the spiritual community, a corridor has been opened to humanity that contains the wave or frequency of Christ consciousness. This wave of love has been sweeping across the Earth and touching every being in existence. We are now in a time of great awakening to love and oneness. There are millions touched by this wave and have taken their life from anger and frustration into living in the frequency and in alignment with love.

So, what does all this have to do with detachment? I have been guided over the last four months to learn and teach detachment. This is key to MAINTAINING a state of unconditional love. Detachment is the paradox to expansion and freedom. We must let go to be free and live a life of unlimited possibilities. When you have accomplished this, then you truly have mastered ascension and a life of living in Christ consciousness or what you might call Enlightenment. Any master that has walked the Earth that we have read and learned from, has lived a life more violent than we could ever imagine. It only makes sense that the only way to maintain the message of love is through mastering the art of detachment.

Detachment is a process of letting go with love and compassion of that in which we cannot control. I have been guided very strongly to teach detachment as a tool to STAY in a conscious state of unconditional love. To stay in a frequency of living without judgement, resistant, expectations or attachments. Detachment is used only after you have healed and cleared your life of negativity. Many of us have spent years of clearing and changing our way of living from separation to unity. It does take years! But what happens when you have nearly arrived at a higher state of being and life hits you with a powerful blow? What do we do when the world seems so chaotic and everyone is saying what a mess we live in? The answer is we give it love and let it go.

Ask yourself what controls you in a negative way. What are you resisting in your life that you cannot influence? It is important to recognize what brings you down AND what attachments you are holding. The two that are obvious for most people are the media and politics. These are things most people cannot influence. Many of us today are greatly passionate about what we see and hear, but let me ask you this, did Jesus rant on about all the ugliness in his life, or did he detach and continue his message of love? You know the answer and now you know how you can move on with love too. Give it love and compassion and pray about any situation that is upsetting, but then detach and let it go for your own expansion and growth.

What about the frustration and hurt you feel over the way your family or adult children live their life? Let me say in strong guidance, if you cannot influence or change the situation, you must detach with love. This can be extremely hard because you have attached yourself to their issues and problems. As a parent you feel responsible for their happiness. If they lived a happy life, then you would be happy too! It doesn’t work that way because now you have attachment, resistance and expectations. None of these things can exist when we move up the scale to a higher way of being. Christ consciousness is unconditional and it is love at the highest level. Giving the people we love unconditional love and living in peace will SHOW them the way. You are the example just like the great Masters.

It is important to believe that every person has their own life journey and are in a place that is perfect for them in every moment. We are not to judge but to only see the bigger picture of perfection in all experiences. By knowing this gives us expansion and freedom. This is the unconditional part that we must learn. When we start to engage in true oneness and unity, we must learn detachment by letting go and giving compassion and love to the situation. This is the paradox of life.


Susan J Witt – Love Just Is

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