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Unconditional Love - A New Paradigm

You’ve heard the term Unconditional Love in general but it is hard to find a blog or article that really gets into the meaning in a very thought provoking way. This is because it is a delicate subject and many have a hard time grasping the whole concept. For over a year now, I’ve had a strong desire to write and speak of Unconditional Love, but I wasn’t ready spiritually nor did I believe the public was ready either. Now I feel a real calling, and it is with this feeling, (not from my head) that I can properly define and express the meaning. Allow me to help bring to light the dynamics and power of Unconditional Love so that you can begin to understand and feel how it can be a sacred gift for yourself and others in your life.

I am an avid Lightworker and Spiritual Guru, which means I am always reading and searching for answers to help others in their own awakening. My search for obtaining the real definition of Unconditional Love was futile by anything written, but yet I already knew the meaning from within my heart. In this case I would like to say for everyone, that you too already know the meaning of Unconditional Love, because it is already written in the heart of everyone. As you read the following words, try very hard to clear your mind of beliefs and just feel what I am saying. Try to get out of judgments and read with an open mind as if you were a child. Today could be the day that a profound shift takes place within you if you can allow yourself to feel this message.

The easiest way to define Unconditional Love for everyone to understand, is that it is the kind of love that a parent would have for their child. Another way to explain it would be the kind of love that a creator would have for its creation. You want your child to grow and expand to become the best version of their authentic self. You nourish their passions and give them courage when they fail. You don’t want to put limits on their personal growth and no matter what they do; your love for them is everbinding and everlasting. This is the Unconditional Love that we all can understand as being a parent to child relationship.

But Unconditional Love is truly much more than just a parent to child’s love. What if I told you that Unconditional Love is of the most sacred and highest form of love! It is the perfect type of love that comes from God, angels and spirit guides. This love has no judgments, and is without limits or conditions. It would seem impossible for us to tap into this kind of love, but what you may not realize is that we are indeed in the middle of a very profound paradigm shift into the golden age of love. Unconditional Love is innate in all of us, but we simply have forgotten it. Let me help you remember and show you how the world is waking up to feeling and moving more into our true nature of Unconditional Love.

Our world seems quite chaotic with people living in fear of our future and so many outbreaks of anger and protest. You may very well be one of those speaking very loudly when you thought you would never do such a thing! We have anger and protests because our hearts are waking up to wanting what is right. WE have had enough, and we are tired of the limits, conditions and mostly the judging! Doesn’t this sound like we are waking up to Unconditional Love? Can you see that this Unconditional Love starts with you? You want to wave your flag and make a statement and most of the time you really don’t care what others think! Bravo! You go! It is the rising of love that is causing the change and the chaos in this world today. We no longer sit back and allow because we are afraid of being ridiculed or judged, but instead the love within is rising up and pushing through the wall of limitation. What do people do when they don’t care? NOTHING. But now we DO care, and we have grown weary of the “stillness” of a world stuck in judgment, anger and greed. The love that is innate within every soul is waking up to change.

We are moving closer to Unconditional Love because we are in the midst of a paradigm change. Open your eyes and see this and open your heart to feel it. The door is wide open and all you need to do is walk through it!

The first thing you must do is get out of the head with your beliefs around limitation. Anytime you judge you have put a condition and limit on that of which you have judged. Can you FEEL the resistance within you when you judge something? Does it feel like a wall of separation? All of these things draw a wedge between us, them and our source creator. Source is about love and expansion for soul evolution. We are all of the source so we too are limitless and innate with Unconditional Love. The only thing that prevents us from feeling Unconditional Love is hundreds of years of a belief system that has put limits on love. Our limitations and conditions on love are man-made and not from our loving God.

Let’s try to look at love from a different belief and perspective. Read it as a child would for the first time. Unconditional Love is freedom. What you choose to embark on is for the fulfillment of a passion that is deep within your true authentic self. Your life is filled with growth! When you move into passion and love without feeling restricted, then this is for a divine purpose and a fulfillment of the soul. Just as source allows us our free will, finding fulfillment of our true nature and soul is the ultimate goal of our source creator! Living with Unconditional Love for yourself and giving it to others allows freedom for all. Everyone is free to love and expand on their love. Feel the truth behind these words. They are written in your heart to remember. It feels right when you have a child like perspective that is fresh and new.

There is a lot more to say about Unconditional Love, but I will stop here because this will help prepare you for what is to come. Our life is so far away from freedom when it comes to love because we are taught that love comes with limits. In my next blog I will write specifically how we can start a real paradigm shift by understanding how we were meant to live a life with love without limits and conditions.

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Susan J Witt – Love Just Is

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