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Harmony is Your Ticket to Miracles

Harmony is when we feel good and our thoughts are in alignment with this feeling. It is when we live in harmony that our life explodes with love and miracles! Harmony is who we are at the soul level. It is that part of us that is the highest expression of love, because it is untouched by beliefs and judgments. It is important to recognize when harmony comes knocking at your door, because this is YOU showing YOU the way to a life of true happiness.

Most of us go through life not really knowing or recognizing “feelings” as a tool for insight to a better life. If one were to slow down and analyze what feels good, and create more of that; then life would get out of the way and start bringing in more of what feels good! By paying attention to the moments of harmony, then you begin to better understand your true path and are then divinely guided down a path that is perfect for you and your desires.


How does this work exactly? For most people, being in nature creates a feeling of harmony. Most can’t explain the details of this feeling, but they know it’s wonderful to be outside in nature. Another example is feeling the sun and its warmth on your skin. Both of these examples take you right to a feeling of harmony without having any thoughts. The thoughts didn’t get you there, you just simply feel good naturally. It is easy to say then, that by spending more time outside and in the sun, brings you more in alignment with harmony and opens you up to the highest expression of yourself.

This sounds like simple common sense when analyzing what harmony feels like, but yet it also opens us up to great understanding. All of the things in life that bring us to harmony is the path that our soul craves, and a path our soul wants you to follow. In this simple example, we can gain great wisdom! The power of harmony lies with the feelings that we have when our thoughts are not getting in the way. Love, joy and peace are all feelings that are harmonic to the soul, and we get there without thinking about it first.

There are many ways that have been taught over and again to try and bring harmony into our daily life. I have years of study on several avenues of self-help, and all of my articles focus around self-love and giving you details of what a person can do to bring harmony into their life daily. It is all wonderful and needed information, but sometimes people get lost in so many suggestions that they lose the reason and their purpose. Feeling harmony cuts the fat by giving you the easiest and quickest way to get out of your head and start living from the heart. Pay attention to moments that bring you love, joy and peace because these are harmonic moments that teach you and show you the correct path.

When your body, mind and soul are in a state of harmony, then the life force energy of creation and power flows through your veins. Living in harmony is when the magic starts happening! It means that you are letting go of the resistance and bringing awareness to FEELING moments of harmony and stepping forward toward your true path. There is nothing purer than when we are in harmony and alignment with our soul. This “purity” within means there is no “thought” interference to block the flow of your perfect life, and it also means you begin to let go of judgments and other feelings less than love. The “needs” of life fade away and happiness takes bloom. Cultivating the feelings of love, joy and peace are harmonic to the soul and this is when the magic begins in your life!

Susan J Witt – Love Just Is

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