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SELF LOVE - Stop the Stall

You’ve spent months, perhaps years cultivating self-love and have adapted an attitude of gratitude and being positive. At first this change inside was obvious to see in your outer world, but now you are beginning to feel the “stall” in your life. It doesn’t seem like you can move forward anymore and feelings of being “stuck” are more dominant. Feeling that your life has been put on hold is very frustrating especially when you’ve tried so hard to be positive and set daily intentions. Frustration is your signal to start looking for answers and try to gain patience and understanding. It’s time we take charge again and explore the possibilities of why you are “stuck” and get back in the forward momentum of staying in peace and harmony.

Below are five valid suggestions as to why your life might be put on hold intentionally.

1. Divine Timing: This is simple to understand but sometimes hard to swallow. You may be held up in your manifestation because your higher-self, or the divine intelligence has an arm out holding you away from what your ego is saying you want and need. Or perhaps you are destined for what you know is true and right, but now is not the perfect time. The bottom line is that when we are on a path of obtaining higher levels of consciousness through Divine guidance, then we must TRUST that all will come in Divine time. Ask for patience and understanding and meditate on seeing the bigger picture!

2. Unity Consciousness: Speaking in terms of consciousness levels, we have our own level of consciousness that only we can take responsibility for, but there is also a bigger and much stronger consciousness level called Unity Consciousness. This is the consciousness of the collective population and as a whole it plays a big part of how your own life can manifest and unfold. There is nothing more powerful than when a group can project or meditate on a particular level of consciousness, for example meditating on the feelings of love. The opposite can play a significant role in your manifesting if you are surrounded by negativity. This stands to reason why it is so important to purge out negativity in your daily life and there are many ways to do this. Unity Consciousness plays an important role in your daily life, and by evaluating your surroundings it will help you better understand what needs to be tweaked in your life.

3. Gratitude: We all understand how important gratitude is and when we feel frustrated about how our life is flowing, it is easy to forget that gratitude is the key component to lifting us up! Get back in the practice of feeling gratitude and watch those sunken shoulders rise up again in confidence!

4. Stay Present: Staying present with a knowing you are divinely guided will keep you strong. We start to gain momentum with frustration and being impatient when we get caught up in “time”. It is not about “when”, but that you have a knowing that surpasses the existence of time itself! You must believe and feel that your life is in order NOW. Feeling frustrated only comes when we are engaged in thoughts of the future.

5. Blockages & Detox: Perhaps you have more clearing to do before your mental and physical bodies can achieve higher levels of love and light consciousness. This is a hard one for many people to grasp and understand. Consider our body as 100% whole energy and in order for more of anything to come in, something must be released. If you are constantly in a feeling of lack, then your energy could represent more than 50% lack, so some other feeling had to leave in order to make room for the feeling of lack to enter. You must clear away one feeling to bring in another. Also the lack of that “something” cannot flow to you as long as you feel you are lacking it. This is where TRUST, FAITH and SELF-LOVE play a big role. Clearing is the most difficult obstacle because it is work. You must change your thought patterns, cut the cords of attachment and learn to let go. Learn to feel good inside through loving yourself first, and focus on this love because love is what will heal and clear! Don’t feel like you have to do this alone because our angels and guides are waiting for you to ask them for help too! A lot of clearing is done in our dream state, so set your intentions to clear and detox from anything less than love.

In summary, it is easy to feel like you’ve been put on hold from our divinity and higher levels of consciousness. In truth if you are in a stalling pattern then it is for a very good reason. Trust in your guidance, clear old patterns and karma and above all stay in the present moment with feelings of love and gratitude. If you are doing all of this, then be patient and give understanding that all will come in perfect timing.

Susan J Witt – Love Just Is


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