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Break the Circle and Start a New Life

You live your life in a circular pattern of experiences. The pattern of experiences throughout your lifetime may be different circumstances and different people, but it’s always a circle that takes you back to the same experience of emotions. The reason for this is that you do not change after each experience. The pattern of thought is the same and will bring back to you the same pattern of life. The beliefs you have at your core being is what drives this circular pattern.

To break the circle, you must change something within your belief structure. For example, if you always switch jobs looking for something better, but stay within the same belief structure, then you will always have the same experience in what ever job you have. The pattern could be of not getting along with co-workers, or your boss, or it could be never getting that promotion. Have you ever noticed that the same issues pop up no matter what job you get, IF YOU DO NOT CHANGE?

This is always the life lesson. We must evolve in order to break the circle. The circle is there to show you time and again what is not working in your life. The problem is that most of the time we do not recognize what needs to be changed. We just keep going through life believing this pattern is just “normal”. The only way to change a problem is knowing there is a problem. We were not meant to stay the same. Life is an experience and we are meant to grow and evolve.

After seven years of research and spiritual guidance, I have developed a program that will help people discover what needs to be changed and how to change it. In my book Energy of Love, after reading the first chapter, you will know exactly what needs to be changed in your life. The preceding chapters explain why it’s important to change and how living in this circular pattern can be harmful for you not just emotionally but eventually physically too.

You do not have to live your life stuck in a circle. Break this pattern and create real change so you can live a life of peace and harmony. Energy of Love is available in E-book, Paperback or Textbook.

The link to purchase is on the home page of this website and get started today!

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