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SELF-LOVE Thought vs Feeling

A big part of loving yourself is staying true to yourself. This means to honor your thoughts and feelings by being your own unique individual. You hear this all the time, but there is something wrong with this statement. Every thought and feeling we have is NOT always true! Self-love is not about honoring every thought and every feeling. So the real question we have is, "How do we know what is our truth?" Let me try to help you decipher the differences between thought and feeling, and let's get to the bottom of how you can know what is your true self as deep as the soul level.

The following information is factual and logical with the conclusion given in my own opinion and spiritual truth. The article is intended to be an eye opener, and this can be powerful when you integrate it into your own spiritual belief!

Don't we all naturally think of our thoughts as coming from our head and our feelings as coming from our heart center or stomach? We now have proof in science that this is true! For years thoughts have been measured by attaching wires to the head for an EEG reading. This reading can tell us the different frequencies of thought such as alpha, beta, delta, and theta. There is now research from the Institute of Heartmath that proves the heart is a brain too! This amazing discovery shows that the heart center can now be measured, and it's reading radiates a much more powerful frequency than our thoughts. This video will explain how the heart's expression is emotions, and that it actually communicates with the brain! Visit this website, for more information about the Institute of Heartmath.

From a science perspective this now proves that thought and feeling are separate entities. The confusing and very conflicting part comes when we ask "Who are we really?" Are we the voice in our head that talks all the time that we call thought? Or are we the stronger more powerful thing called feeling? This is a very important question because how can we honor our truth when there is so much conflict going on inside? How do we know what is our truth? The battle of thought versus feeling is something we all go though and struggle with regularly.

To start answering these questions, let's first break down what we know about our thoughts. It is our thoughts that have verbal communication within us called our conscious awareness. We can control our thoughts, and they can lead us anywhere from past, present or future. Most people are aware that our thoughts can not only bring us to depression, but now there is proof that our thoughts can bring us disease too. Depending on our thoughts we can be in pure bliss or pure misery. Common sense leads us to believe that our thoughts can either be true or not true. Do you think this is something we can honor as our true self? If we tell our self that we are not a smart person then do we honor this?

Now what do we know about just a feeling? Feelings can just arise out of nowhere! For example when you see something you love, you don't say to yourself, "Oh, I don't know, do I love this?" No, it doesn't work that way with feelings of love. If you have to think about whether you love something, then you don't really love it. It's a feeling that arises and you just know it! And what about the feeling of fear? This can just comes out of nowhere. If I see a spider then I don't have to think whether or not I feel fear! I think it would be fair to say when we have feelings that just arise without thought, than they are YOUR true feelings.

Now lets put both thought and feeling together, because what about the feelings that come about AFTER we think of something. You see feelings that come after thought are different. If you can say that thought may not always be true, then it also goes with the feeling the follows. We can now make the conclusion that whenever we have a feeling that develops after thought, that it may or may not be a true feeling!

After this breakdown of thought versus feeling, where do you think your true self (soul) resides? The logical answer for me is that our true self is that FEELING that just arises, and I say this for three reasons. First of all, how can we honor our true self through a thought process that isn't always true or love-based? Secondly, the fact that there is evidence that shows emotions are actually a separate entity than thought, more powerful than thought, and more truth than thought, shows me that I need to trust the feelings that arise. Lastly, and this is the big one for me based on a spiritual level, our soul (true self) which resides in the heart center is the God seed of pure love. This love drives us by pure feeling. The feelings that we get that are not from thought are pure and mostly love based. Feelings of love, joy, peace and harmony are not emotions that usually come from thought first, they simply arise within us. Does this "feeling" sound like a soul created by a pure loving God? Yes! Our true self is the feeling inside that always speaks truth.

In honoring our true self, lets take a look at some of the feelings we have that may not be your truth. These are the feelings that arise after you've been thinking about something. This is where we ALL struggle! It's important when you have feelings that are less-than love to recognize these feelings because more than likely they come AFTER thought. This is your "Aha" moment to pay attention and take warning, because these are the feelings that are not coming from your truth and need to be RECONCILED. To reconcile these feelings, you either cultivate acceptance over time, or you actually do something about the feeling so it is not reoccurring. It is your "thought" that created this less-than love feeling so it is your "thought" that also gives you the power to make change! This is a process of learning to cultivate self-love that will be discussed in other articles, but for now let me list the feelings that ALWAYS come after thought that need your attention and they are anger, shame, guilt, hate, resentment, and jealousy. Take note that these are the feelings that take us further away from our loving creator, and this is why we need to reconcile the emotion.

Of course we must mention that there are many love-based feelings that come after thought too. Any love-based feelings (before or after thought) that are of the highest good for yourself and others come from your true self, or you could say these feelings come directly from our creator.

To sum up the question, "Who are we really at the soul level?" The answer is the feelings that simply arise inside of you. This feeling is in the powerful heart center and where your true self resides. Our soul at the point of creation is pure love, and our soul is always speaking to you via feelings. You can feel the real you, your soul, when you have feelings that are love-based. This love always resides in each of you! From the time we are born "life" happens to us that takes us away from the God seed (true self) within our heart center. Self-love is the ticket back to the real you within and a true connection with your soul. When you have loving thoughts you will ALWAYS feel peace because you are feeling God.

Research shows that 98% of the 7 billion people on this planet believe in a higher creator. This higher creator can be called many things such as source energy, Divine One, God, the Universe, etc. The most common belief among most religions is that our creator is of pure love. I try to keep all my articles to this common denominator with thought provoking ideas that show science is now a very strong support for our loving creator. I ask you to take what I teach and integrate this into your own religion so that this can be a powerful tool to create real change, and that you understand how important self-love really is in your life. If our soul that reside within us is love, our God seed, than we must love our self, or we deny our creator's own creation.

Susan J Witt - Love Just Is


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