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SELF-LOVE Powered by Quantum

There are many concepts and theories that try to teach the importance of self-love but nothing is more powerful and inspiring then what is now proven by quantum mechanics. If you have never heard of quantum mechanics before then this article could be the biggest revelation in your life! This is the "skinny" on quantum that allows me to show you the interconnection between science, spirituality and love-based thoughts.

If you were to simply google quantum mechanics it would take a quantum physicists to understand how it is defined. This is because the nature of quantum is breaking down everything into its smallest form, and the terms, words and methods to describe this is way above most of our knowledge base! However, it is NOT necessary to know the terminology and the intricate systems used in quantum physics to get the value behind their research. Just like the very complicated aspects of our own body is beyond what most people can comprehend, but yet we don't need this knowledge to thrive in physical form. After reading this you're going to be saying, "Oh, that quantum mechanics stuff, I know what that is!"

What we ALL should know about quantum is very simple to understand. Quantum mechanics has furthered the study of quantum physics by breaking down the atom into subatomic particles and then braking them down even further into additional subatomic particles. Now this is what gets very exciting so listen up! ALL THINGS broken down to the smallest most pure level is all the same stuff - pure energy/light. Energy = Light; they are one of the same. This ONE energy makes up all things. There is nothing that is not of this energy, and this is not a concept but now a fact.

Quantum mechanics tells us that this energy that exist in EVERYTHING has a wave nature, and this same energy that exist in EVERYTHING has a particle nature, both at the same time. It is now proven that energy is wave and particle, that exist in an infinite field of probability. You could say that everything is a continuous vibrating mass of energy with infinite possibilities of creation. All things seen and unseen are of the same vibrating light/energy, and this is now considered the seed of creation.

This raises your eyebrows a bit don't you think? It brings about some important questions, and we have to ask, "What is the energy and where did it come from?" While you were reading about the energy just now, did the answer come to you? Science cannot explain the creation of this energy that is "all that is" in this universe. I believe most of us feel in our heart that the energy of creation is our source creator. In fact there is nothing in science to-date that disproves God's existence. Science is a process for figuring out how the universe works and so far they are on a direct path to prove we have a God. To the 98% of the seven billion people on this planet that believe in a higher source creator, this is BIG news! It doesn't matter if spirituality is not your thing, because quantum mechanics proves that everything seen and unseen is a continuous vibrating mass of energy. This knowledge gives power for everyone as you will begin to understand.

Quantum perspective is the scientific approach that explains that our thoughts too are a vibrating mass of energy. This is not a concept or theory, but rather a startling fact that once again quantum mechanics now reveals to us. I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Your thoughts create your reality", and now you can understand better that this is true. Our thoughts contain a wave frequency and this is sent out and matched with "like" frequencies. The more we think of the same things the better chance we have of getting that into our life. There is so much more involved when we talk about how our thoughts create our reality. It involves our feelings, beliefs, experiences, and working on our thoughts. My recent blogs touch on this, and all future blogs will give you insight on this powerful tool called "thought". There are many books and thousands of articles written on this topic because there are so many different angles and perspectives. My belief and perspective is that you can achieve true peace when our thoughts are in alignment with the wave frequency of SELF-LOVE.

This is where we put it all together with the formula of obtaining peace and harmony with self-love. Science, and in particular quantum mechanics, can piece together for you, as it did for me, that love-based energy is all powerful and all healing. In all the years of reading self-help concepts none of them had power to create change in me until I had a revelation that it was self-love. Like millions of people, I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and it failed for me too! When we feel love inside and can freely give it to others, then the law of the universe, the law of quantum, and the all loving source creator states that this will become your life. A life of love is the only path to true peace and harmony.

In the "Resource" tab of this website you will find other studies of science that proves love-based thoughts are healing both emotionally and physically. Please check this out! It is truly empowering when we have facts and evidence to back up our beliefs. You do not have to be manipulated by this world and nobody can take away the power of choice. I ask that you choose self-love first and watch your life change step by step. The energy wave of love is what will bring you an abundant and full life of happiness.

Susan J Witt - Love Just Is


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