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Can you imagine just being in a state of Love? Instead of our beliefs, thoughts or our ego getting in the way, just live and be "love". When you are in a state of just being love, it takes the pressure off the "doing" aspect of trying to achieve self-love. My previous articles give a lot of thought provoking information and suggestions of things you should do to cultivate self-love into your life, but now let me help you understand a new point of view of just BEING love.

Let's start by going back and pointing out two important factors that I wrote about in my earlier articles. These two points are what brings revelation to the state of "being" love.

The first point is a short synopsis from a previous article called "SELF-LOVE Thought vs Feeling". This explains that our heart center (feeling) radiates an energy much stronger than our thoughts. For example when we feel love, this radiates a much stronger signal out into the universe than thoughts of love. What we feel is more likely our truth and beliefs coupled together, and this is what we send out and what we attract back into our lives.

Secondly, in my article called, "SELF-LOVE Powered by Quantum", I explain how quantum mechanics has now proven that we are all made of the same particle of energy. It is not just us humans but in fact everything broken down to the tiniest element is pure energy. This energy is the component of unlimited creation just awaiting to attach itself to a like component. Frequencies of like energy attract to each other.

Now lets put the pieces together and help you understand the state of "being" love. We can feel at a state of love without any kind of thought process. When we place our conscious awareness to the heart center and feel love, we are vibrating a STRONG signal of love. Visualize this energy of love as a glowing source around your body and expelling it out into the universe. Love is the source of healing at all levels, and by doing this you are not only in a state of self-love but also giving this healing energy to yourself and everything. Can you understand the impact of being in a state of love? You are radiating love to your pets, plants, nature and affect other people too! Radiating at the frequency of love means that you are sending the vibration of love out to "all that is". It is a proven fact now, not just a theory, that our energy affects us and all other things!

From a spiritual perspective we can just be love because that is who we really are at the deepest level. After you have come into a point in your life that you can clear the cloud of negativity, hurt and pain, then you can remember that the true you, deep within, at the soul level is pure love. When you can remember your true self then it is easy to be in a state of feeling love. This is your truth and the God seed that still exist within each physical form.

Our natural state of being is of loving kindness and this is true for all living things. All living things naturally show love and want to be loved. Have you ever really thought about this and wondered why or how this can be? Even plants respond to soothing music. Love is the key component and common denominator in all living things. It's what drives us to do anything! The big link that helps you understand this goes back to our creator's energy. Our genetic make-up broken down is all the same energy, and it all came from our source creator. We ALL have this common energy of pure love built into the energy of our DNA. This brings us to a great revelation! Our natural state of being, IS LOVE. This is why we always obtain peace and harmony when we are in alignment with the energy of love.

If being in a state of love comes hard for you, then it's because you are blocked by some form of lower vibrating energy within you. This could be thoughts and feelings of hate, anger, shame, guilt or jealousy. It could also be the cloud of grieving that has consumed your thoughts. It is when we are blocked that we work on the "doing" to release these patterns and return us to our true self. Cultivating self-love will get you to a state of just "being" love. Try removing thought patterns that are harmful and within a short time you will simply feel the love planted there from our creator.

Loving our self brings us back to our creator and our true self. Many of my articles identify tools to help you cultivate self-love. If you have email, consider signing up for a free subscription to get my articles delivered directly to you. There are MANY ways to find self-love and you can find the source that works best for you! Please visit my website to sign up, and it also offers several sources that will help you to better understand the important link between science and our creator.

Susan J Witt - Love Just Is



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