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SELF-LOVE Transcending Pain

We can start the path of self-love by committing to change and transcend our emotional pain. This sounds awesome, but what a big statement and challenge! Thousands of books and articles have been written about how to heal your emotional pain and none of it paints a clear "how to" for everyone. This article will show you the "how to" based on science and your spirituality. Before we can fix anything we need to dig deeper into our own self truth to understand more about the pain we feel, and why we are experiencing it. It is only then that we will gain the power to be able to create change and transcend these painful emotions.

Have you ever noticed that you have repeated patterns of experiences in your life and that these patterns are of some form of emotional pain? Could it be that these "like" experiences are telling you something or trying to show you a path to your soul evaluation and growth? The answer is YES. We all are here in the physical body to grow and become better versions of ourselves! How do I know this? Because there are thousands of testimonials in all forms of media, and almost everyone you know has made statements that say they are a better and wiser person for what they have endured over time. You are even a testament to this truth. I feel confident in stating that when a soul passes on from this life, that they have obtained a great amount of expansion and growth during their time on Earth.

Let's understand your growth pattern and learn from it, and with this powerful knowledge you will then transcend this energy and leave it behind. We will no longer call it patterns of emotional pain but instead it is patterns and opportunities of GROWTH. In the book, "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die" by Karol K. Truman, she shows us seven patterns of growth. One of these seven patterns is dominant and sometimes very obvious in one's life. This stood out to me as a great truth after reading this, and I have never forgotten her message. See if one of these emotions stand out to you as repeating itself over the course of your life.








Do you recall a first connection with one or more of these as a child? Do you see it again as a teenager with your friends, and later in life during your relationships? In my case, one of these seven emotions have been prevalent in my life from childhood to present in ALL aspects of my relationships. When I first read this list it was a "Aha" moment that changed my life and it may just do this for you too!

If you recognized one of these as a pattern, then now you have the power to transcend! Life has been talking to you and now you are listening! The reason for patterns in your life is so your problem is HIGHLIGHTED for you to take notice. It is being shown to you for your soul evolution and growth over and over until you get it. Let's engage our opportunity and look within ourselves for the answers. For example, if NEED FOR APPROVAL is your pattern, then the root cause for this within your being could be feelings of unworthiness. In this case you are being guided to FEEL worthy. The growth pattern is highlighted so you will step up and learn your worthiness. When you do this your interaction with people and your relationships will change because you will no longer feel the need for anyone's approval. You are good enough! The TRIGGER of this pattern will be removed the more you work on feeling worthy. There is always a deep seeded belief involved with each of these seven emotions that is screaming to be healed. Working on your feelings to remove the trigger is only part of the transformation. There is a way that makes this easy when you understand how your emotions are truly just energy.

I will share with you my experience, and how I transcended this pattern. After realizing this for me, I went over my entire life and healed every pattern as it came up in my memory. When I first got the "Aha" moment, I realized the pattern was very present in my life at that time. Then moments later I recalled other instances from the past. Days and weeks later, more and more memories of this pattern kept coming up. I knew it was showing up to be healed and this is how I healed the pain. I blessed the situation, thanked it for serving me, sent it love and asked it to leave my body. This healing took place over a period of months for me. Now in my life whenever I get the TRIGGER of this emotion, I can immediately recognize the pattern, send it love and healing, and then it leaves me. It leaves as soon as it arises. I don't get upset or dwell on it for a long period of time. This was a deep seeded belief for me going back to early childhood. I know this will be a pattern that can present itself again, but I will NOT let it affect me. I now know that any feeling I have that is less than love is showing me what needs to be healed.

This all gets very interesting from a quantum science perspective. When you understand that pain is just simply energy, and that love is the energy that heals and transcends all, then the process of healing becomes very powerful. I'm not trying to discredit the emotional pain, but any time we "visit" energy, we change it. The basic law of physics states that energy cannot be destroyed but ONLY changed. The mere observance of any energy changes it. Simply putting forth the intention of love to your emotional pain WILL change it. The power of this knowledge can transcend any pain, even on the physical level.

Find your pattern of growth (pain) and transcend this energy by giving it love. Understand that this pattern is NOT your truth and that this pattern is being highlighted for you to transcend. Work on the feelings that heal this pattern. When something happens in your life that triggers this pattern again, now you can recognize this as a part of you that needs healing. When you recognize the pattern, immediately send it love, bless it for serving you, and then send that negative energy on its merry way! It truly serves a purpose ONLY for your growth.

Love yourself enough to transcend your pain so that you can make room to receive and give more love.

Susan J Witt - Love Just Is

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