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SELF-LOVE Set Your Intention

An "intention" is a form of prayer or meditation asking for something we want in our life. It's called "intention" because we signal out a specific need or desire. This form of prayer can be very powerful when used regularly. You may have read about the power of intention, but never put it in your daily practice. Let me help you to understand why and how it is so powerful, and then I believe you will be eager to start using this spiritual tool and make time for it daily.

Manifesting takes place when we can first set an intention and then be a vibrational match to the energy of this intention. What happens when we set an intention is that we are asking our higher source, angels and guides to help us reach this goal. What makes this so powerful is the regular practice of intent, because it keeps you and your heavenly helpers on a firm and consistent path to that of which you want.

Recently I promised myself that I would make time every morning to start my day with some intentions that were very important to me. These were things that I were consciously thinking about and asking for daily, but it was never in a formal way of pure intention. We can set an intention just for that day, or it can be a part of a bigger goal in general. I was amazed at how my days had more synchronicity, and I was more in tune with my intention. Little things that I know would have been over-looked became obvious as a sign from my angels. In general I was now truly involved with my intention and becoming a true vibrational match to that energy.

There are many ways to set forth an intention. This is where your own religious belief will affect how you will set your daily intention.

1) It can be a simple prayer the minute you wake up, asking for what you want in your day.

2) It can be more ritualistic in nature.

3) It can involve using a candle, incense or crystals to help send forth the intention.

4) You can sit in mediation and visualize your day.

What works for me is something a bit more ritualistic. It helps me to really focus and send out some serious energy of intention. I can really feel the power behind the intention. My routine may help you to discover your own daily method. It may go without saying, but it is best to set forth a daily intention in the morning before you start your day. I've committed to setting forth an intention every week day morning, and I keep my intention general. My intention every morning is for the same three things, to connect with the energy of Love, Money and Good Health. These are my steps:

1) I first light a candle and clear my energy by burning Palo Santo. You can also burn Sage or Frankincense. I like to use crystals when setting my intention, and I also clear them using Palo Santo before my intention. The Rose Quartz is used for Love, Carnelian or Citrine is used for Money, Tibetan Clear Quartz or Lemurian Quartz is used for Good Health. If you use crystals, then you can decide which ones work best for which intention.

2) Each of your palms have a secondary Chakra. The left palm is for receiving and the right palm is for sending energy. I open my left palm and turn it upward. I take my right fore finger and lightly rub circles into the left palm, and then tap gently 3 times. This opens the Chakra for receiving.

3) To set an intention for love, and receiving the energy of love, I draw a symbol in my left palm that represents love. (it's common to use symbols when trying to connect with your higher self) In this case I draw a heart with my right forefinger in my left palm, and then I place in my left palm the Rose Quartz. Do not close your hand, leave it open to receive.

4) Holding my left palm upward with the Rose Quartz I say, "My intention for this crystal is to help me connect with the energy of love". Then I say, "My intention for today is to be love. I want to connect with the energy of love." Then I go on to say what is in my heart about connecting to love. Usually the words simply flow out of me when setting an intention.

5) As a Reiki Master, I also send Reiki out to the universe with this intention.

6) For about 5 minutes, I focus on feeling love, while holding my left hand up high with the Rose Quartz in it, as a symbol of receiving love. This sends out to the universe my intention of connecting to love.

Then I do the same, starting with step 3, setting the intention for money and drawing the dollar sign on my palm and using a Citrine or Carnelian crystal. When the steps are complete for Money, I move on in the same fashion for Good Health by drawing a cross (Christian symbol of the cross) on my palm, and use the Lemurian or Tibetan Quartz.

How I do this is indeed a ritualistic approach and to some it may seem a bit elaborate. My example is given so that you get the idea, and I want to encourage you to do what is right for you. What creates a powerful intention for you? Since I committed to doing this, there has been some amazing things happen in my life. I feel stronger and more confident that I AM manifesting, that I AM powerful. I feel love daily in my life, and I had an unexpected check arrive in the mail for $560.00. My health has always been good, but I am more confident than ever that I AM a pure radiant healthy being. You see this makes me feel more confident and creates a belief of faith that IT WILL BE DONE.

The "power of belief" is the buz word these days, and when you make a point to set intentions, then you are announcing to the universe that you BELIEVE, and that you have FAITH, and THIS IS SO. I believe this is more than a simple prayer because you are putting forth strong energy and faith into your intention. The more time and effort you put into intentions, like anything else, the more you will get out of it. After I spend 15 minutes in the morning doing this, MY BELIEF is strong that my intentions and my prayers are answered. It feels good and it feels powerful. You will feel this to.

Susan J Witt - Love Just Is

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